Our History

Saving for retirement, nearing retirement and living in retirement are stages of life that we focus on, and have been for over four decades. What began as a focus on education and non-profit markets has grown to encompass a multifaceted financial services firm for a comprehensive clientele.


Throughout a successful career in the financial services industry, John DeLiso was at the forefront of developing strategies to help educators save for retirement through individualized, tax advantaged retirement plans. In time, John and his partners grew this vision to include New Jersey public school systems around the state and, in the year 2000, nationally.


Known as the Retirement Benefits Group, a specialized division of Equitable Advisors (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI & TN), it became one of the nation’s leading providers of retirement plans for educators. The RBG continues to flourish with its genesis in New Jersey, servicing over 140,000 clients in over 600 public schools who are saving for retirement and expanding into full financial strategies. We are proud that our clients have accumulated over $6.9B in AUM[1].


In 2015 John combined this professional experience and his personal dream to create the FourFront Group by merging with three founding partners – all who encompass the same dedication and foresight with which the RBG was developed. Rooted in the four principles of strategic financial planning, their combined vision for clients and for FourFront remains the same as John’s career success with Equitable Advisors: Service; Knowledge; Commitment; Growth.


With over 12,000 clients nearing or living at retirement – and a boutique financial planning division at its hub – the FourFront Group is structured among four partners, three departments, two business models, but one common goal: ensuring the wealth its clients accumulated through hard work and time is safeguarded for the next generation to prosper and produce.


We are a dedicated group of leading professionals whose talents focus on the extended financial planning needs of educators, school employees, non-profit organizations, families, business professionals, hospitals, higher education, and government employees.  Our members concentrate in: Wealth Management; Estate Planning Strategies; Wealth Accumulation; Retirement Planning; Education Funding and Business Succession planning services for all our clients’ financial needs.


We remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you. We define our success by our clients’ success.

[1] Equitable Growth Report as of 6/30/22