Retirement Planning Specialists

John DeLiso and James Quirk have each earned a Certificate in Retirement Planning from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and been awarded Equitable Advisors’ Retirement Planning Specialist title for completing the Equitable Advisors At Retirement® education program. Only a select group of Equitable Advisors financial professionals nationwide complete this elite program.


The Wharton School is recognized around the world for its academic excellence at every level of business education.


Focusing on specific concepts and issues that are most important to the At Retirement® generation, Equitable Advisors and The Wharton School developed this comprehensive program. Selected on the basis of their value-based approach to relationship management, participants worked to strengthen their retirement risk-management and financial asset allocation knowledge and methodology.


John DeLiso and James Quirk work with individuals and business owners to help them define their retirement goals and formulate strategies to help work toward pursuing their unique needs and objectives.


The certificate curriculum was developed for Equitable Advisors’ Financial Professionals to provide a higher level of preparation and knowledge to best serve the retirement planning needs of their valued clients. This weeklong course included 50 hours of intensive study taught by 10 Wharton School faculty members. Topics covered included:


  • Identifying, Mitigating and Insuring Retirement Risks
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans and their Roles in Retirement Planning
  • Medicare and Social Security – Dealing with Institutional Risk
  • Asset Allocation and Diversification
  • Real Estate in the Retirement Portfolio
  • Estate Planning and Tax Issues in Retirement