Businesses and Business Owners

The FourFront Group knows what it means to be a business owner.  You work for several decades building a successful business and your efforts provide a comfortable lifestyle for your employees and your families.  Sound familiar?  It does to us, too.


We understand the challenges of running the day-to- day operations of a business, but we also understand the financial protection and safeguards needed to help ensure that you and your families will be able to maintain their current standard of living.


Of equal importance is developing a sound retirement plan, as well as an exit strategy for you, investor stockholders, and/or your partners.   And like most business owners, your business and personal financial needs may be closely intertwined.

A well-structured plan of action can help you take control of your financial life so that you can feel more confident about meeting your goals. Since even the best plans can’t anticipate all the things that can happen in the future, we will meet with you periodically to review your progress toward your goals and adjust your strategy to such changing circumstances:

1. Employee Benefits Plans, Pension & 401(k) Implementation

Key employee retention is often based on providing them with a competitive benefit package. There are many tax benefits associated with a qualified retirement plan and life insurance program. Benefit packages often aid in recruiting highly trained staff and provide them with additional security that may be unavailable at other firms. We will help you re-evaluate your employee benefits to be certain that all plans are providing maximum protection and security.

2. Business Succession Planning

Where your business is concerned, you don’t leave success to chance. You shouldn’t leave business succession to chance either. Whether your business is a one-person operation, a partnership, or a closely held corporation, a business continuation plan should be a component of your overall strategy. Ask yourself these two questions: What would happen to my business if I (or my co-owner) were to die today? If I died today, would my family’s need for income and funding for their future plans be met? We can help you develop strategies to address the business continuation and family protection issues raised by these questions — strategies right for your business and right for your family.

3. Key Person Planning

Challenging economic times require all business owners to re-assess the direction of their business. The financial goal is to make certain that your business can survive an unexpected event. Every successful business employs key personnel. It’s the person who generates your largest sales and has the closest contact with your best customers. It’s the person who manages your key department and the relationship with your best employees. Have you considered the impact to your business if you unexpectedly lost such a person as a result of a premature death? In the event of such loss, a well-structured continuity plan can make a difference in your business’s continued success. We can help.

4. Employee Financial Planning & Seminars

Many of your executive-level employees have the same or similar financial planning questions and concerns that you have. We can provide your executives with valuable financial planning information. We believe that helping these employees plan their financial future increases morale and employee productivity while potentially reducing overall costs to your business. In addition, many employees benefit from educational seminars on financial planning, retirement planning, and long-term saving and investing.

5. Executive Benefits & Deferred Comp Plans

Rewarding and retaining valued employees is a great way to grow and sustain your business. Executive benefit and deferred compensation plans can also provide the business with additional tax advantages. Developing the proper plan to satisfy the competing goals and needs of executive-level managers can be a challenge. We have the experience and financial insight to implement bonus plans, cost-sharing plans, deferred compensation plans, and other nonqualified retirement plans.